Truly Indigenous Southern Africa Products

Inspirational fine art images reflecting the beauty and sensitivity of South Africa with recipes of some regional indigenous foods and places of fine fishing. 

This is I suppose some sort of journal of my most memorable travels over the past 10 years. As a travelling fisherman/photographer/adventurer I realised soon that our biodiversity especially our water quantity and quality is suffering under the “urgent need for development” of our Nations in the region as well as due to greed, and mismanagement. To this end I wilfully got involved in various activities to assist in some degree in improving our water quality and the organisms within as well as the biodiversity as a whole. 

However I discovered a camera before I discovered a fishing rod and I loved eating way before I got my first fishing rod. So I suppose I present to you a pictorial concoction of the things that helped me in my quest for sanity in the stressful society me and my generation operated under during the most violent times in Southern Africa just before and after the new dispensation. To get away on weekends and holidays and travel, fish, take photos and eat interesting foods is today’s way of life for those lucky enough that can afford it. To this end travelling, fishing, cooking and photography are massive industries/genres on their own in the world today. But all these activities are heavily reliant on sustainable resources that are fast being depleted mostly due to greed. 
My travels in this publication were therefore mostly inspired by the potential to fish, cook, and photograph or to assist in the conservation of some specie or the other. Adventurers and travellers have always been explorers to some degree and increase the much needed social surveillance on bad practices on natural resources in mostly uninhabited or sensitive habitat. As a pictorial this publication might not provide all the technical detail about a photo, a scene or area or how the fish was caught for instance but my associated social networks and websites aims to provide such detail or act as a helpline to more detailed data in each genre. Joe Lategan

Also Available - Video & DVD (HD & SD) 

6 x 30 minute programmes (Completed) that allow for follow up programs or series. (HD Video)

A uniquely flavoured self sponsored half hour broadcast quality programmes produced in HD for TV/web .
Joe Lategan travels to South Africa’s biodiversity hotspots or little unknown corners of this gem of Africa– Always with a fishing rod to test the waters, cook an indigenous meal and take great photos of the biodiversity of the areas and general information is shared with the viewer. Programs cover Northern Cape –Orange river- Namaqualand, Kgalagadi park, Kruger National and area, North Eastern Cape-Rhodes , Overberg in the Western Cape (South and North), Lesotho etc.
It's basically a show that reflects on Southern African beauty with a dash of fishing, bush cooking, still photography, nature and general issues  as a traveller would experience the different areas. It however is not  the  general travel  , fishing or cooking show. The show allows viewing for the family members that are not necessary fishermen nor cooks or photographers but will also greatly appeal to each one of these as well as the nature lover and traveller. The content can also be tweaked to include a genre of specific appetite to a degree.

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